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She's breathing quiet and smooth

He's gasping for air

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This Is So Messed Up
12 June
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music sounds in my ear there are bricks for my view i hear the train pass
and i'm sure that i miss you but i'll keep my head and i'll try
and i know that this will pass by and by i made
some coffee and i overheard the neighbors
too sometimes they laugh sometimes they
scream and it all reminds me of you but
i don't worry anyway, after all you are
so far away Sometimes sadness feels
happy sometimes sadness keeps my
head. Sometimes it helps me to get by
maybe i don't make much sense
but i know i'm gonna try and
i know this will pass by and by
Now i know i'm gonna try
and i know this will
pass by and by.

bouncing souls-the whole thing
28 days later, 30 seconds to mars, 80s music, acting, adema, afi, alanis morisette, allister, alternative, amber, anime porn, anklets, autumn, bellies, billy idol, biting, black, blue eyes, body lotion, boston, boys in eyeliner, boys who cry, brand new, breakfast, british people, brown eyes, buying cds, cardio, charlotte russe, christmas, chs drama club, chuck palahniuk, coal chamber, coffee, coffee shops, college, conversation, cooking, corvettes, culinary arts, daria, dark chocolate, ddr, deadsy, deftones, dirty jokes, donnie darko, eye makeup, eyeliner, faghags, finch, fishing, fridays flings, friends, from zero, fruit, gamecube, gay rights, geminis, godhead, going out to eat, green day, guster, gymming, hamsters, head, hot hot heat, improv comedy, improv jones, into eternity, jake gyllenhaal, jared leto, jewelery, jim carrey, judaism, kacheeks, korn, laughing, less than jake, libras, lipgloss, love, low calorie, maine, making out, malls, mario bros., massages, modern english, money, neopets, newbury college, newport, nintendo, no one, nothingface, old navy, orgy, peanut butter, pervs, pokemon, pretty eyes, professional murder music, queen, qvc, rats, red, requiem for a dream, sarcasm, satire, scarves, scrawny pale guys, senses fail, shaggy hair, silver, slow dances, smashing pumpkins, snow, soft lips, spineshank, starbucks, stones, taking back sunday, tanning, taproot, tattoos, the 80s, the all american rejects, the bouncing souls, the cable guy, the cure, the early november, the gay scene, the golden girls, the nanny, the ocean, the strokes, thunderstorms, tips, tongue rings, trapt, unloco, vodka, walks, weezer, white gold,

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